Ultimate Guide - How to Start Your Own Blog Website


There are millions of blogs on the internet right now, and with good reason.

Blogging works! Starting a blog website is the best way for creative channel. When it is implemented well, can be a great active or passive money-making tool.

It is where you can go to share your thoughts and have them stir something in the minds and hearts of others. A blog is a home for your ideas, thoughts, interests and a source of insight for your audience.

But, you have to know how to start your own blog.

Turns out, how to start your own blog is easier than it seems. I mean it is easier than you might think. It is faster and cheaper now a now a days.

All it takes is a time, a niche, the right domain name, design, and a commitment to putting forth a constant effort. Get on the right track to blogging today.

Ultimate guide: How each are bind together when create blog website is below:


A Niche

You have to have a clear ideas of your niche. It is all about understanding the world in which your blog will exist.

Since you know your niche very well, writing about it should be relatively easy. However you can do this with practically any other industry – like insurance, freelancing, cloud computing, fitness, medical, travel, etc.

These are just a few example of taking a general interest and creating a niche. Such a focus makes understanding how to start your own blog much easier because it guides everything else you do.

If you are looking for money making, then look for most profitable blog niches.

So what’s a good niche?

A good niche is one which is related to what you like, has good traffic, and also has a monetary value.


Claim Your Domain To Have Online Existence

A domain is a unique URL title, we call it website address (e.g. www.osyska.com).

It makes more sense to have your website on your own domain—a personal place on the internet where you are in complete control of what’s published and how it looks.

You can do a simple check for the domain names you have in mind by typing them into a search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. See what are trending for the top blog’s domain names. Remember, there are various domain extensions .com, .org, .net, .in, etc. domain pricing might vary based on type of extensions used.


Look for picking a great domain name.

Make sure no one on the internet already taken your domain name. Check out on domain registrar such as Godaddy, Domains.Google, Namecheap, etc


Create Descent Design

Now you have done with your domain, start with real work.

Now it's time to design a sensible form of your blog. You can do it in many different ways. Thanks a lot, there are lot of free and paid unique templates designed to help you.

Perhaps your blog is a simple home page with some or more landing pages that talk about different ideas in your spots.

Either way you set up navigation, make sure all the content is interesting to your audience users.


Best Brand

Branding your blog is most important, do as best you can.

Create fun, unique logos and use your colors on your site. Hire or outsource a graphic designer for trending professional touch.

All these aesthetics help the user to attract attention. With whatever you can write, they keep coming back for more.

Do not forget to take your ideas to the next level.

Understanding the way to start your blog is just starting to make a famous brand. From there, you can also create e-books, online courses, and even video seminars or wheels.

You do not have to take every new project together at the same time. But, include your blog at a time and choose how your users watch a content collectively.


Build Your Online Presence

Staying relevant in minds of audience users is important.

Simply, Use social media, email campaigns, and collaboration platforms to keep them engaged to build brand awareness, and trust. You can list your blog service on free classifieds websites too.


Promote on Social Media

Now it’s time to share your post far and wide on social media platforms. You should not miss this to reach to the whole world.

Create an account for your blog on all the top channels your audience uses. There are several social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter.

The key is to build a following on one or two accounts at a time.

Create a social media content posts, and schedule it to publish periodically. Make sure your blog is having more fresh and audience user engaging content. This will return more positive feedback.

Feedback on social media platforms comes in the form of likes, shares, comments, and tags. When you generate more and more content, the response to the social media platform comes in the form of likes, shares, comments and tags, so you know that you are on the right track, especially new followers.

Also, keep in mind that you are using all your post-brand keeping captions written on that filter.


Promote in Email Campaigns

Emails are another best way to make sure you are in touch with subscribers.

Create an opt-in subscribe form somewhere on your blog. This can have a special space on your contact information page or be off to the side of each post you create.

Play with different designs to see which one strategy gets you the most sign-ups. Then, be dedicated to sending emails consistently. Aim for at least one email every week or every two weeks.

What are you supposed to talk about, though?

Here are a few ways to use emails to your advantage:

Email on highlight a recent blog or update about existing blog.

Try several approach and find which one that works best for you.


Collaborations and Partnerships

If you get stuck while writing a new post or coming along with your next project, then hire or outsource a bloggers.

Turning the competition in collaboration! This will make great success for your blog. You can work with bloggers to create content.

Or, reach out to brands you respect that have something to do with your niche. Offer guest post writing for them or provide their new innovation facility on your blog.

Whatever you think, however try to create a pitch that is beneficial for both parties. Clearly indicate the value you give to the other party and what you expect in return.