Google Android Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Google's Android is the most popular and flexible smart phone operating system around due to its power packed features to customize device as per your choice. Simple android phone and lightweight apps from Google Play store adds excellent powerful features.

However some of hidden tips and tricks you must know.

#Locate Your Phone

Finding a misplaced phone can be quite tricky, that too when the phone’s ringer is off.

The easiest way to detect a lost or misplaced Android phone is through the Google device manager. Open the Google device manager and log in with the ID with which the phone is configured.

This app has tremendous skills when it comes to locating a lost phone (on the map), making a phone ring, or in even worst situations, wiping the phone of all data.


#Wifi Sleep Policy Setting

Another hidden feature is the Wi-Fi sleep policy in the advanced Wi-Fi settings. In a normal situation, when the screen turns off the phone switches over to cellular data. And when this happens, the phone battery life also takes a hit (as Wi-Fi consumes less juice than cellular data).

In such situations, the Wi-Fi sleep policy should be set to Never, so that the change-over never happens (even when the phone is idle).

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