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Product info

Common Name Boric acid

Boric acid CAS Number 11113-50-1

Boric acid Density 1.4±0.1 g/cm3

Boric acid Melting Point 170.9ºC

Boric acid Molecular Formula BH3O3

Boric acid Molecular Weight 61.833

Boric acid Exact Mass 62.017525




Boric acid

EINECS 234-343-4


Boric Acid is widely used in glass industry to improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass products, improve the mechanical strength and shorten the melting time. In the enamel, ceramic industry,Boric Acid used to enhance the luster and fastness of ceramic products, but also the glaze and pigment components.

Boric Acid is used in metal welding, leather, photography and other industries,Boric Acid as well as in the manufacture of dyes, heat-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics, artificial gems, capacitors and cosmetics.